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About Twisted Carrot Farm

At Twisted Carrot Farm, we are passionate about bringing local farm-to-table products to our community. We believe that the environment must be respected and protected, that food is medicine, and that everyone deserves access to affordable nutritious food. We offer an educational space where we teach the importance of sustainable agriculture, the benefits of eating locally, and the art of cooking with fresh ingredients.

On the Farm


On less than an acre in Hanover County, we grow a biodiverse variety of plants including vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Growing our own ingredients strengthens the integrity of our products. We also cultivate habitat for pollinators and feed our soil biome with compost and organic amendments.

In the Kitchen

Our commitment to the environment continues in the kitchen. Low waste is a top priority. We are happy to use imperfect produce, and we compost food waste. We believe that "health" is a holistic term, encompassing the mind, body, and soul. Our products include ferments, preserves, baked goods, herbal remedies, and more. Whether you are looking to boost your mental health, gut health, or your immune system, we have you covered!


Twisted Carrot Farm is a woman owned business with a small but mighty team. Owner and operator, Sarah Hoffman, is a seasoned farmer and chef. She worked with other local farms, restaurants, and food businesses for over a decade before launching Twisted Carrot Farm in Spring 2021.

Sarah ran the business with the help of several dedicated volunteers for the first two seasons. For our third season, S Butler joined the team, allowing us to ramp up production and attend more markets. S also brings a valuable eye for design and boundless creativity to the mix.

Our team of volunteers and staff keeps Twisted Carrot Farm vibrant and strong!

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