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Nourish together. Grow together.

By supporting Twisted Carrot Farm, you are also supporting the environment, the local community, and your own health!

In our commitment to be good stewards of the environment, we strive to build soil health, cultivate habitat for beneficial insects and wildlife populations, prioritize growing native and heirloom cultivars, and minimize the use of plastics and single use packaging. We implement organic, ethical, and responsible growing practices.

We support our local community through educational outreach and food access initiatives. Healthy food must be accessible to everyone! Our goal is to help people find the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly where their food comes from. We also encourage a deeper understanding of our food system, its flaws, and how to improve them.

We promote healthful eating by emphasizing the healing potential of food and the benefits of eating nutrient dense ingredients. It is also important that we expand peoples’ food horizons by exploring different food cultures, while using only the highest quality ingredients.

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Photo credit: Tabitha Hopcroft

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