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March 2023

We have some exciting things going on this month!

  1. OUTREACH--For every jar of Kimchi, Kraut-Chi, Sauerkraut, and Bread and Butter Pickles we sell this month, we are donating $1 towards donations for RVA Community Fridges. Learn more about this incredible black/women run mutual aid organization aiming to improve food access in Richmond, VA by visiting their site at Let us know what other local organizations you'd like to see us raise donations for; we'll be selecting a new cause every month!

  2. HOOPHOUSES--We finished setting up our second hoophouse at the beginning of this month. This will allow us to extend our seasons and have even more vegetables available year-round! Our resource of the month is Pam Dawling's The Year-Round Hoophouse, which provides guidance for anyone looking to set up a hoophouse. We are happy to answer questions as well!

  3. NEW AND RETURNING PRODUCTS--Roasted Beet Hummus made its debut this month. We are super excited about this gorgeous and delicious vegan treat! We also brought back our Veggie Quiche and sourdough bread. Stay tuned for more seasonal delights!

  4. WORK TRADE VOLUNTEERS--This is the time of year when we start needing extra hands on the farm. We love our work trade volunteers and make sure they go home with delicious nutritious food in exchange for their hard work. If you are interested in taking advantage of this educational and rewarding program, please reach out!

  5. MARKETS--We have added the West End Farmer's Market to our regular weekly rotation, every Saturday 9am-noon. The Bon Air Farmer's Market begins its first season on March 23rd, and we will be there every Thursday 4-7pm at St. Michael's Episcopal Church in Bon Air. We'll be at the Mystic Market at Strangeways Brewing in Scott's Addition on Saturday March 18th 2-7pm, AND don't miss this month's Lakeside's Local Makers Market--March (Makers) Madness on Sunday March 19th 10am-2pm!

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