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Shipping Options

Below is a current list of products available for shipping. Pricing does not include cost of shipping. Submit a request through the contact form, and we will email your shipping options and prices. You will be able to confirm your order, if you are agreeable, and we will send you an invoice to complete the sale. Thank you for supporting our small business!

Current Availability

Baked Goods:

Lemon Lavender Cookies $3.75/trio or $7.00/six-pack

Pumpkin Bread (8oz) $5.50/each

Dried Herbs and Spices:

Dried Celery (1/2oz) $5.00

Dried Fennel (1/2oz) $5.00


Dill Pickles (16oz) $9.00

Fire Pickles (12oz) $9.00

Pickle Medley (12oz) $9.00

Pickled Beets (12oz) $9.00

Tomato Sauce (16oz) $11.00

Tomato Salsa (12 oz) $9.00

Smokey Tomato Preserves (8oz) $8.00

Pepper Jelly (8oz) $7.50

Eggplant Caponata (8oz) $7.50

Hot Sauce (5oz) $10.00

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