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Owner and Operator

Photo credit: Grayson Tharrington


Sarah Hoffman, Owner and Operator

Hello! Here's a bit about me.

In the decade before starting Twisted Carrot Farm, I gained invaluable experience working in the local food system. While I was earning my bachelor's degree at the University of Virginia (2010-2014), I worked front of house and back of house positions in several Charlottesville, VA restaurants. From 2016-2020, I worked at Broadfork Farm, where I grew from apprentice to farm and bakery manager.

While living in Richmond, I spent time cooking in restaurants, developing management skills, and gaining perspective from other local growers and small business owners. I finished my long and winding road at Tuckahoe Seafood, where I helped launch their bakery program before moving on to start my own business.

I am endlessly grateful for the experiences that have shaped me and for the exciting new adventure ahead. Thanks for joining me!

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