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Swallowtail butterfly caterpillars
Swallowtail butterfly on a zinnia



Twisted Carrot Farm and Market is a multifaceted business operating throughout the Richmond area. Our main farm is located in Hanover County, where we grow a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. The horses and chickens who live on the farm are valuable sources of compost and fresh eggs.


We grow on less than one acre, but this small space has great potential to yield impressive amounts of produce. We have two hoophouses and low tunnels for season extension. We use a tractor to shape our beds initially, but the majority of farm work is done by hand. Low till management protects the soil biology, and we only add minimal organic amendments to the soil. Pest control on the farm follows organic guidelines and is applied responsibly to protect beneficial insect populations. If you have any questions about our growing practices, please reach out!


The second half of our business involves turning our produce and produce from other local farms into prepared foods and value added products. We only use top notch ingredients grown by farmers we know are using good growing practices. Some of the produce we use is damaged or ugly, which we save from the compost bin by turning it into delicious prepared foods!


Our kitchen is located at the Lakeside Town Center, right next to the farmers market where we sell on Saturdays. We have a long list of delicious recipes including fermented foods, baked goods, side dishes, easy meals, pickles, preserves, and more! Almost all of our recipes are vegan/vegetarian.

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